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What is DO FOLLOW?

"Do Follow" is an action or a step a blogger initiates to remove the attribute rel=”nofollow” in the comments section of a blog, thereby enabling search engines to index a link every time a reader makes a comment and leaves a link. Read more...

How does rel=”nofollow” impact my blog?

While Google Inc.'s intent was for the greater good- to prevent spam comments from being indexed in blogs and basically render those comments as useless, it also 'punishes' readers who leave a link with legitimate comments because their link are ignored by search engines too! Read more...

What is the role of Blogs That Follow to all these?

Blogs That Follow is a pro-Do Follow directory! It aims to showcase blogs that has the "U comment, I follow" logos and encourages more bloggers to join in. Creating a directory for Do-Follow blogs make it easier for other bloggers to find blogs of the same niche, thereby easier for them discover the blog and share the much sought link love. Read More...

Blogs That Follow Joins Technorati

Technorati is "the recognized authority on what's happening on the World Live Web." Like Google, it is THE ultimate search engine for blogs.


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