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Title: State of the Sport
Category: Sports & Recreation: Sports
Description: Welcome to It’s pretty simple – we enjoy sports. We love talking about Sports! We like the engagement. For us, it connects us. It is something we are passionate about. It gives us something in common. Be controversial, be unpredictable, be respectful – but get engaged. Collectively, we are approachable. We are the group that you would feel comfortable eavesdropping on in a sports bar, and joining in with a strong voice and opinion without an invitation – we like people like that. Challenge us – engage us – link to us – it’s the reason we are here, and we WILL reply. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but, opinions do matter and we stand firm on ours. The satisfaction lies in the exchange. So jump in – it won’t sting. We represent a great cross-section of personalities, styles, interests, and opinions. We have been known to take the opposite side of a topic just to create a debate. No reality TV drama here – just good, clean, fun. Shout at us – sometimes we deserve it. But hey, it’s your opinion, and we value it. So become a member. Register with us. Bookmark us. Link to us. By all means contradict us. But whatever you do – JOIN US.
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