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How does rel=”nofollow” impact my blog?

Date Added: December 03, 2007 08:04:48 PM
Category: Link Directory

When Google Inc. spearheaded the fight against comment spams in 2005, it received immediate and wide acceptance from different websites, especially from bloggers who were sick and tired of deleting spam after spam after spam of useless comments on their blogs.

It is meant to solve a major drawback to receiving comment spams, by discouraging spammers from leaving a comment because search engines will ignore the link anyway.

In so doing however, it also discourages readers from commenting because they too are being ignored by search engines! It thus creates a dead link between a blogger and its readers who leave legitimate comments to the site. This 'flaw' takes away the camaraderie and sense of community between bloggers and readers as the rel=”nofollow” tag takes away any incentive of commenting to a post. Therefore, your readers may lose interest in commenting as much.

Having the rel=nofollow tag on your site could hinder you from gaining more popularity overall. Where every link counts to increasing your page rank, you might want to switch the tag off by removing it altogether. It will be a win-win for you and your readers.

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